About NAC

The Nordic Aphasia Conference has travelled via Oslo (2006), Copenhagen (2009), Helsinki (2011), Gothenburg (2013), Oslo (2015) and Copenhagen (2017). The last conference in Copenhagen was most wonderful as Copenhagen always is. Now it is time to plan a visit in Turku, Finland in 2019!

The conference is a forum for scientists and clinicians interested in people living with aphasia, aphasia as a language and communication disorder, and different approaches to aphasia treatment. Therefore, we are working to ensure that the audience will get both new insights into the current challenges in aphasia treatment and concrete advice how to apply the knowledge and materials into rehabilitation practice.

Organizing committee:

Kati Renvall (chair), Minna Laakso, Marjaana Raukola-Lindblom, Ida Luotonen, Nana Lehtinen, Riitta Saari, Leena-Maria Heikkola, and Maria Ek (University of Turku)

Pirkko Rautakoski and Matti Laine (Åbo Akademi University)

The Finnish Aphasia Rehabilitation Research Association, Finland


Scientific committee:

Kati Renvall (chair, University of Turku, Finland), Matti Lehtihalmes (University of Oulu, Finland), Anu Klippi (University of Helsinki, Finland), Anna-Maija Korpijaakko-Huuhka (University of Tampere, Finland), Pirkko Rautakoski (Åbo Akademi University, Finland), Jytte Isaksen (University of Southern Denmark, Denmark), Ida Luotonen (University of Turku, Finland) and Nana Lehtinen (University of Turku, Finland)